How To Find My Passion ?

Deep down in all of us, we know that we are passionate about something.

Today, we will see what is this thing which is making us to procrastinate our passion. In our everyday life we always have people around us with all of their opinions and their views, which is sometimes good that people have their views. BUT, those views are for our betterment or not, that is the question we always face. So, to understand the same, let’s get started.

Every morning we wake up with some new dreams in our mind and then the day ends on thinking with how to fulfill that dream. Every person in this world is passionate about some or the other thing which they want to do and deep down they know they can do this but they fail to realize that to make that dream come true they need to act on it.

People forget about their passion and move on with their regular life thinking about, society, friends, family, colleagues, what they will think about you when you tell them about your passion. There is always an invisible pressure on us about these things.

So, what should be done to overcome from these situations.

Here are the 5R’s that is RULES.

  • Anxiety/Fear

Fear is the most vicious thing who doesn’t allow us to work on our passion. There is always a fear of rejection in our mind. It is always the pressure of people who are surround us. So, how to overcome from it? Forget about what others say, just remember, what you think others can’t think and that is why you are out of that negative closet. Always think that you are the one who dared to dream.

  • Passion

This is where the thinking starts, in deep down when you are passionate about something and you know that it will make you feel right and happy and that’s it you just got your soul speak for you because it is not you who is passionate about something it is your inner feeling who wanted to explore, to make it simpler your ‘X’ factor.

  • Time

This is the thing which everyone complains about. People would always say they don’t have time…! Time is such a tedious matter which has a lot of explanation. But to speak about it in short, in a day there 24 Hours as everyone knows and in these mean time, we have to work on our passion. So How to do that? We should get organized. Whenever we are passionate about something, then we have to be organized and should be able to give some of our time to the idea which you are passionate about. Always think and remember about your goal, that will always keep on motivating you, which brings to our 4th R.

  • Always be motivated

So, now the question is, how should we always be motivated? Motivation doesn’t just come from anywhere. It is always within you. How? Imagine when you were a child and your exams where near and some portions of your syllabus is still pending to be covered and you just have two days to cover that, this is the time where you start getting into fear/anxiety. But, you also know that you don’t have any other option but to face it and win over the situation. It is this moment when your inner self motivates you, remember no one but you…yourself motivates to face that challenge of covering that syllabus and emerge as victorious. You need to motivate yourself to face the challenges of this world. Which also brings to our 5th and final R.

  • Challenge Yourself

In this ruthless world there will be lot of negative energies which will challenge you every time. But, always remember in this life there are various stages/levels. Each level has its own struggles. Whenever you are one level up, the challenge and struggle will be as difficult to face and this will be the time where you have to keep patience and move ahead and face the challenge to keep yourself in a different league and one day you will be out of that rat race.

 So, to conclude the part, whenever deep down your inner feeling says that you should do this because it will make happy and succeed in life. So, without wasting any further time, if you feel that this is the passion which I want to explore, then, you should start working on it.


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