Existence of Perception

Have you ever felt that people around you misunderstood you for some or the other reason, which you cannot explain to anyone or in some way, even to yourself? So, why does this happen?

Sometimes, we think, what is he/she thinking about me? Why is he/she talking in such manner? What they will say if I say this? And then there are tons of questions which are like hammering in our head, every now and then.

It is the perception, which every person by default create about us, which is not wrong because perception is bound to happen for everyone. So, what is perception then, to explain it in simpler words…its, people judge us or create a certain impression or mindset about us.

So, why perception is not wrong? It is not wrong because, it is we who make people judge us, we create our own impression in front of people. Question must be raised as “How?”. 

Imagine, you wanted to give a presentation to your boss on something, and you are very good at it. But, in between of presentation, you get stuck at something and immediately you recover yourself from that situation and in that mean time people around you, judge you for that little part and everyone will have their own opinion on the same, which we cannot control.

So, why does this happen to everyone? It happens because, we try to play defensive. When you are trying to say something to anyone and before speaking your mind starts thinking about, what will the opposite person will say after listing to you and in that moment itself, we swallow our original words and speak the defensive words, which results in creating a certain impression or we can say certain perception gets created about you, due to lack of concreteness in your words.

So, how to overcome these situation? In reality, you cannot stop one to percept about someone. We know that we are being judged now and then but it is we too who percept about others, isn’t it? So, basically we cannot even complain about this, as we are also in the same boat of perception.

But, why perception is having such an important aspect in our world because, perception is not even a reality. It is one such thing, which is inside our head and in our there is a brain (but obvious) and we cannot stop our brain to think about something or judge about one.

Perception is also an important aspect because, just for an example if you go to a shop to buy some stuff, then you will definitely compare between things and ultimately you choose the best one for you. So, in this case, you, percept about the stuff and then you created a certain mindset about the compared things and settled for the best one, it is your mind decided which one is best for you.

Still, if you want to play defensive, because many of you may say, what is wrong in being defensive, so, the answer is, YES! There is nothing wrong in playing defensive, but you should play it right, so, how to play defensive in a right way and make the opposite person in ambiguity of what you are thinking at the moment. It’s very simple, always keep a smiling face when you are having conversation. WHY? Why smiling face?

Every emotion has a certain perspective, in which anger and sad emotion is self-explanatory. But, smile has its own space, because when you keep a small smile at your face, person sitting and having conversation with you never knows what is going inside your head or what you are thinking. It is does not work for every situation, but, definitely work in most of it.

Try once and see how it works for you. You realize by yourself, how fruitful it is.

To conclude the part, just remember, you cannot stop everyone to percept, but as an individual you can improve yourself for the betterment and never to think of what other might think, just be yourself and speak whatever your heart feels like because ultimately it is you who wants to convey your message to others, as no has time to study you that’s why people percept you.

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