How To Give Life To Your Dreams ?

Let me start with this, there is nothing in this world which you cannot achieve. To reach somewhere better, you have to struggle and loose the comfort and get on with the real challenges. Dream is such a wonderful gift to us, by which we can imagine the unimaginable and make it into a reality. This is called Life to a Dream. Dreaming about becoming big is easy but to make it into a reality is even indurate.

Today, there are lot of entrepreneurs who are struggling for their success in this world, but why everyone is not getting their due, as everyone is working hard to achieve their goal. So, what is the reason for their failure and why don’t they get their due, in this you should also remember that failure is a part of our journey, failure teaches us to be strong, to get ready for more dreadful challenges to come on our way. Coming back to our point what is the reason for not getting due to your hard work and the answer is… ‘your hard work’. Confused! Whenever you work on something, you are very much into it, so where do you go wrong? It’s the ‘direction’, if you don’t give a direction to your work, no matter how much you strive, you won’t reach your destination. Like for example, when you want to reach to an address which you don’t know, so you take help of a google map to give you the proper direction, so that you can reach to your destination on time and won’t get lost. Similarly, when you are striving hard for something, you need a direction in your life for the same, and that direction can be achieved from someone you trust or you can yourself take time and analyze the things, then start implementing the same. You have to find google map in your life to give you a proper direction.

Always remember, success just doesn’t come from working hard, you need to be smart in your approach. Your success should always be sandwich of three layers, namely: hard work, honesty, smartness. These three qualities need to be developed, which can only happen if you are passionate about something you dream about. So, why these three qualities need to be developed? Hard work gives you strength to face the more difficult challenges, which will keep your brain always in working mode and will not make it rust and will also develop you as a person because, hard work always makes you stronger from inside. Honesty is the key for every success you achieve, as honesty is everything in your journey, your honesty should lie with your work, colleagues, team, people around you and most importantly to your approach. When you are honest with all of them, only then you will be able to take a step ahead in your journey of becoming big. Smartness is required so that your logic and direction is clear and how you can save much of your time from getting wasted in the things where you don’t have to focus on.

Above all, these are the 5R’s(Rules) which you have to inherit in your life. Remember ‘inherit’ and not ‘develop’ as inherit means you have to surround your life with those rules and try to adapt them and develop means you have to grow those qualities in you. Which were hard work, honesty and smartness.

So, these are the 5R’s(Rules) which you need to inherit:

  • Forget your comfort: As discussed again and again, you need to forget about your comfort and get out of that zone to achieve something big
  • Balance your time: You need to manage the time for yourself and your family, as you cannot ignore them and family is the strongest support you will ever get
  • Sacrificing: Sacrificing comes in various forms like career or your position or living your comfort and at that time you need to decide what to sacrifice and what to not
  • Focus: This is a must because, if you are not focused on your goal then you cannot even put your first step
  • Planning: If everything goes well then start planning, give direction to your dream and give a life to it

 So, to conclude the part, if we inherit the above rules and develop the qualities then definitely we can give ‘Life to a Dream’.

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