How & Why Decisions Impact Our Life ?

In a life, everyone has to take some or the other decisions. Most of the decisions are taken for the beneficial of our future, without even knowing that the future is just an imagination. But still, one has to take the decisions in life, as it is part of our journey.

Every decision we make today, leaves its impact not only on our self but to on our family, friends and society too. Decisions always leaves its impact, what will be the repercussions of it, that we cannot predict but it will have some impact. So, in what way decisions should be taken? Almost every decision we make, we make it out of fear, fear of thinking about future and its impact. Mind filled with fear is always in an unstable position to make any decisions. Imagine, can you do drink water while running or eat food while running…NO! So, how can it be possible for a mind running with fear to take a correct decision. A stable mind is always filled with confidence and its decisions are always beneficial not only for self but for society too and the person who takes the decision out of fear is not only threat to the society but that person itself is a threat.

Why does this ‘decision’ is having such an impact on everyone? Decision can make or break the entire functioning system. One small mistake in a decision may lead to everlasting conflict or one small correct decision may lead to successful destiny forever.

How to take the correct decision? To make the correct decision, one has to follow the these 5R’s (Rules).

  • Understand the scenario: one has to understand the scenario in which the problem occurred
  • Listen to every aspect of the scene: listening to every aspect of the scenario which is important, as it will give you an idea about the situation of two sides
  • Analyzing the two sides: As every decision is based on either way that is right or wrong, one has to analyze the same before making the decision on which way to go for
  • Decision is out of desire or not: one should always remember that the decision which you are about to take, is coming out of your personal desire or from the purity of your heart because most the decision we take is always out of fear and fear comes from the unwanted desire
  • Responsibility of the decision: Once the decision is taken then one should be ready for its repercussions and should take the sole responsibility of it weather it is good or bad

If we are ready to take the responsibility of the same, then undoubtedly our decision will come from the purity of the heart.

In today’s scenario we see that, it is almost impossible for everyone to take the decision of the right path, people are unable to take the right decision which leads to all kinds of struggles and problems for their future, because we know, “whatever we sow, so shall we ripe”, if we sow the seed of desire with all kinds of negativity, then we should not accept it to give the syrup fruit. Today, whatever decision we take it comes out of desire, everyone has the right to desire, but there is a thin line between the desire and decision and that is selflessness. If you take the decision with desire of selfless then your decision will never go wrong because, selfless desire always hurts at the start but will be beneficial for all the society in the near future.

 So to conclude the part, we must remember that selfless decision will hurt at the start and may hurt to a lot of people around you because strong decisions doesn’t make people happy but the coming impact will be very much in a place of heartland.

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