Parents, Children and Expectations

In this beautiful world, our parents give life to our existence, from the day we born, we see this beautiful world through their eyes, we listen to the birds chirping through their ears, our life begins through their life. They teach us what is right and wrong, they provide us the path to our journey. Similarly, it is also the duty of the children to protect their parents when they become elderly. Isn’t it the expectations of parents from their children to serve them, when they are old enough to live by their self, it is the same expectation which children ask from their parents when they are young enough to live by their own. But, the question is why this cycle breaks sometimes, because what we see today is children don’t even bother to look at their parents face about what they feel. So, why does this happen? As a parent they always think that, where they went wrong as they have given everything to their child which they wanted or expected form them.

Almost every parent in this world tries their best to give their child, the world’s best education, food, shelter and they always think about the future of their child, that there should not be any hurdles in their future and in their life. But, every parent forgets that while raising their child with their amenities and privileges, they forget to build the character of their child, isn’t it will be great that without focusing on their child amenities, focusing on building their character will be more beneficial, a good character person is always recognized in the world and will understands the difference between right and wrong.

Truth is, when the child is born, parents unknowingly inherits all the qualities to their child, with the good preaching’s, they give the bad preaching’s too, with the blessing of life they give death too. Why does this happen, because, before that child coming to the world, we put our expectations like, how should be my child? It should be who listens to me, protect me, serve me, work like me, should follow the path which I followed my whole life, should do whatever I ask. Aren’t those expectations which you expect from your yet ‘UNBORN’ child. If these things are in your mind, then your child’s future will be whole lot of struggles, of course it is true that struggles give a lot of strength and experience to make your child a better person, but those struggle should not be a struggle which is lacking because of the lack of development of your child’s character.

Every parent has the right to have expectations from their child, but what should be those expectations? Expectations like my child should be good enough to care for others, should take responsibility of their own deeds, should follow the right path of knowledge, should respect others and their feelings. Aren’t these qualities will be more beneficial to your child? If these qualities are with your child then your child will be great or not someday we can’t predict, but will definitely be foremost of all.

We have been talking and hearing about expectations so much from so many people. So, what is expectation? Expectation is something, which we don’t have it with us, but we tend to keep that on others. But, isn’t it true, that the destiny of expectation is always to be destroyed, expectations are not in our hands and if it is not in our hands then how can we guarantee about the fulfilment of that expectation from others. What is in our hand is to raise our child to challenge the challenges and let them face it, and then it will be a test of his ability to emerge victorious in his life.

So, to conclude the part, if the parents try to avoid the expectations from their child and raise them to face the challenges by showing them the right path and developing their character then there won’t be any need of expectations from them. Just remember, whatever we do today, that cycle will keep rotating and then there will be no end to this, it is we, who have to break that cycle and create a new chain.


Written by letskommune

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