Two Paths of Life

In our life, there is always a situation where we have to choose one path which is either right or wrong and we end up choosing either one which will transform into our decision and will lead to creating our future based on the path we chose.

So, imagine we have taken a decision and chose the path according to our will. But, what is right and what is wrong? How can we decide that and are we sure that the path we chose is a right path? Let us see.

Always remember, while making decisions, you have to think on each and every aspect of the situation. What we do is, we take the decision as per our convenience which is sometimes seems to be beneficial but in the coming due course of time it takes a drastic turn in our life and gives the real picture of our life. Why this happens, this happen because of the decision which we have taken came out of selfishness. Decision which is taken to choose the path of our life, if it is taken out of our own personal need then that decision is always goes to a wrong path. Now, many of you may think that, every decision in life are taken for our better future and to secure our life, so what is wrong in being selfish about our future and securing it. Then, yes, there is nothing wrong in it. But, look at your life now, even after taking so many decisions for yourself, trying to secure your future, are you happy with where you are today? Are you satisfied? If yes, then good and if not then definitely that decision of choosing the path was came out of your selfishness and you are not happy because your heart is empty after taking or choosing that path and that path which you chose at that moment was seemed to be beneficial only for that moment.

So, how to choose the right way? While choosing the path, just remember the path which you are choosing is coming out of confidence or fear, it’s coming out of selflessness or selfishness, its coming out of, to full fill your own need or to help others, society and then to yourself. You will get your path immediately. After choosing the path, if you are heart is filled with fear and in a little corner of your heart dose not fill good then that path is not in a right way and if in a little corner of your heart there is light of selflessness and hope then there you go, you are in a right way.

After all this we can say that the two path which we are seeing are right way and wrong way but in a different sense if we see then those paths are “RIGHT WAY and EASY WAY” path cannot be wrong and decisions cannot be wrong they are just the easy way, because wrong path is always easy to choose and to choose the right path we need courage. So, there are only two path of life that is right way and easy way.

 To conclude the part, we can say easy path or the short cut way, may give you the initial happiness which is just the illusion of success but the real success and happiness you will get only from choosing the right path, which requires lot of courage and selfless nature of our self to get on that path and then we can walk with confidence on that path, face the challenges, triumph over all odds and then lead a happy life.

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