Why & How Mistakes & Failures Helps us ?

We are in a world, where everyone is ready to point our mistakes. But, as everyone knows, mistakes and failures are everybody’s part of life. You cannot run away from them, in fact I would say mistakes and failures should always come to our life. Some of you may understand that why it is important. But, it is also necessary to know that even though some of you may know about it, but don’t know how to tackle them or wait! is it always important they need to be or will get tackled.

 If we think a little out of the box, then we’ll see that actually, mistakes and failures are the powerful gift. If you give yourself an offhand, then those mistakes will prove you a chest of knowledge. Mistakes and failures are the real knowledge which we let go because we limit our mind to those mistakes as a part of negativity. But, we failed to understand that those whisker mistake carries a whole lot of experience which you have given to something you worked on or cared about.

Let us understand by a precedent, how mistakes and failures are important and helpful if you see through it.

One of my friend was pursuing a Bachelor of Literature, he was an above average student, he was good in his academics though. There were many of the exams which has to be cleared to continue the upcoming semester, but, unfortunately he used to get fail in his history subject, which was not letting him through the semester. At one point he was complete hopeless and demotivated and constantly asking question to himself, why he is not getting passed in history after so much of hard work on it. He always knew that he is giving his best to it, still the result was not in his favor and ultimately he got a year drop because of it. He was clueless as what to do next, and fortunately, his father did not give up on him and he made him sit and understand him that all of this is a part of our journey and our job is to work hard and get off from that situation and how it can be done? It is by working on the mistakes which we have made in due course. Whatever has happened cannot be undone. But, one thing can be done in this situation, even though he got a year drop, that year can be utilized by getting into an internship or doing a professional course and working on the mistakes which led to failure. After a year, he realized that, the amount of hard work which he thought he has given was not enough or in a proper direction. He worked on it and passed that subject and now he has completed his bachelors and he is doing good for himself.

In this above precedent, we have seen that mistakes and failures go hand in hand and we also have to walk with them, with utmost confidence because as you know when you level up, the struggle will be even tougher and still it will be achievable. That one year, gave him a chance to work on develop himself and one thing which he realized is, every failure can be turned into an opportunity.

Remember, if we take a step back from mistake, then it will happen again and will keep on rolling, because, you will never realize that, where you went wrong. It is a powerful gift to human kind, which we think it is a curse or something. As we know, that Diamonds are extracted from a Coal, similarly, is the case with our Mistakes and failures, only thing is, we need to extract that diamond from it and once you extract it, you will cherish it.

 To conclude the part, Life is full of possibilities, give it a chance, make mistakes, get fail, but always remember to learn from it and once you get through it, you will start enjoying your mistakes and your failures.


Written by letskommune


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