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What is “Technology” ?

Technology facilitates communication, it does not communicate on your behalf, somebody has to use that technology to communicate. Communication is a as necessary for us as a water and food without them human being cannot survive. Communication can be in any form like face to face to talking, body gestures and many more ways in which we can communicate. When it comes to technology, it is necessary for us to use that technology to communicate, as every technology which is invented has some purpose and features. Communication technology is something which has a very wide scope of development. Earlier there is to be a communication through letter in that also somebody has to send that letter to respective person to receive it. So, earlier that middle man or we say post man was the technology by which communication is to take place. Similarly, today technology is the mediator for communication to happen. Communication takes place in three ways which are Duplex, Half-Duplex, Full-Duplex. So, Duplex means the communication will be like a broadcast communication like radio or television in which information is sent or broadcasted but no one can reply to that information or broadcast. Second is Half Duplex in this the communication is done one by one like Walkie Talkie in which the person who is sending the message will send first and when the person at the other end receives the message then the receiver can send it’s message. In this no one can communicate instantly at the same time. In Full Duplex one to one communication, one to many, many to many, many to one communication happens. There is no restriction in it. All these three types of communication is important and essential at their respective place. As for radio and television broadcasting, one can’t use half duplex or full duplex or for sending messages through walkie talkie one can’t use duplex and then to talk over mobile or telephone one can’t use duplex or half duplex. Technology is a powerful gift to mankind. Any gift which is given to us needs to be used. That gift will not work on its own, somebody has to use it to make it worth. Similarly, Technology is a gift which is not going to work or communicate on its own, somebody has to use that technology to get it work.

Let’s take an example of GSM.

GSM is a voice communication technology. when we dial a GSM number, it knows how to search for that number. where ever on this earth, under which user cell side that phone is connected, it will search for that phone and create a voice channel, but it will not push voice from your mouth and put it into ears, somebody has to use technology to communicate. In voice communication it is user that uses technology. This is how the communication technology works.

There are 2 parts of technology.

1. Layer 1 (Hardware)

2. Layer 2 (Software/ Logic/ Protocol)

We will discuss about it in our next blog.

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