Iron Man Suit and Super Train in Real

Iron Man suit, whenever we hear this word, instantly in our mind strikes Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit, where Iron Man is fighting all the odds. We always think is there a real Iron Man suit and as everyone knows that it is just a science fiction story with fictional Iron Man suit. But soon this fiction will be a reality as US (United States) is developing and constantly working on a suit of Iron Man which they call as TALOS which stands for Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, which is getting developed for the US (United States) soldiers of which they hope that will come true in coming four years. Currently, it is in developing stage. The suit which they call as TALOS provides ballistic, shock and fire protection for special operations soldiers. US (United States) army intention of developing this suit is to provide these soldiers with better, more agile and more versatile protection than what currently exist. Yes, it’s true as these type of suits are already with them, but they are not as good as they are getting developed now.

The suit which is currently getting developed called as TALOS suit will be a joint venture between universities, government agencies and corporation, they all have come together for this very important project. While there is yet to be a working prototype model of TALOS, it’s development is running at a rapid pace. The head of the US (United States) special operations commander, Admiral William McRaven is confident that unpowered prototype model of TALOS will be ready in June. There is also a goal of testing a complete working prototype model of TALOS in about August 2018. After getting launched many of the millionaires or billionaires will be aiming to buy this suit. But, don’t expect to be able to buy this.

Super Train, after knowing about it, a great revolution in the technology and mechanical world was evolved. As this was such a great achievement and to achieve this China and Japan are way ahead in this technological advancement. As of now China and Japan already have the very fast train that are capable of reaching over 260 miles per hour, but the new next generation super train technology will apparently be even faster. This super train project is started in China as chinese researchers have been looking into the next phase of train transportation. These type of technology will take super trains to a next level of imagination, which will soon be coming into reality. The technology on which it is going to be made is called as Maglev technology, all the super trains are built on Maglev technology, this super train is also going to be based on Maglev technology, that is why it is also called as Super Maglev Train. But, in this it encapsulates the train in a vacuum tube, further reducing air resistance, allowing for higher mind-boggling speeds.

Researchers claim that such enclosed tube Maglev systems could see trains reaching speed of upto 1800 miles per hour. But yes, there are also some ambiguity about the feasibility of constructing long vacuum tubes and keeping them pressurized, yet, if scientists and engineers can figure out that, than we may one day be able to cross large distances quicker and more safer than we have ever imagined possible.

Such an advancement in engineering and technology, a world will soon be a technological place completely with an increasing AI (Artificial Intelligence), Engineering, Mechanical and Technology and the combination of these result in such a varied techno innovations, with the development of TALCOS suit, which we popularly called as Iron Man suit, that suit will be so helpful for US (United States) soldiers, who are giving their life at risk to protect their motherland. It will be huge gain for US (United States) soldiers. We can hope to see more of such great innovations to help the world and make it a better place to live in.

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