Iron Man Suit and Super Train in Real

Iron Man suit, whenever we hear this word, instantly in our mind strikes Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit, where Iron Man is fighting all the odds. We always think is there a real Iron Man suit and as everyone knows that it is just a science fiction story with fictional Iron Man suit. But soon this fiction will be a reality as US (United States) is developing and constantly working on a suit of Iron Man which they call as TALOS which stands for Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, which is getting developed for the US (United States) soldiers of which they hope that will come true in coming four years. Currently, it is in developing stage. The suit which they call as TALOS provides ballistic, shock and fire protection for special operations soldiers. US (United States) army intention of developing this suit is to provide these soldiers with better, more agile and more versatile protection than what currently exist. Yes, it’s true as these type of suits are already with them, but they are not as good as they are getting developed now.

The suit which is currently getting developed called as TALOS suit will be a joint venture between universities, government agencies and corporation, they all have come together for this very important project. While there is yet to be a working prototype model of TALOS, it’s development is running at a rapid pace. The head of the US (United States) special operations commander, Admiral William McRaven is confident that unpowered prototype model of TALOS will be ready in June. There is also a goal of testing a complete working prototype model of TALOS in about August 2018. After getting launched many of the millionaires or billionaires will be aiming to buy this suit. But, don’t expect to be able to buy this.

Super Train, after knowing about it, a great revolution in the technology and mechanical world was evolved. As this was such a great achievement and to achieve this China and Japan are way ahead in this technological advancement. As of now China and Japan already have the very fast train that are capable of reaching over 260 miles per hour, but the new next generation super train technology will apparently be even faster. This super train project is started in China as chinese researchers have been looking into the next phase of train transportation. These type of technology will take super trains to a next level of imagination, which will soon be coming into reality. The technology on which it is going to be made is called as Maglev technology, all the super trains are built on Maglev technology, this super train is also going to be based on Maglev technology, that is why it is also called as Super Maglev Train. But, in this it encapsulates the train in a vacuum tube, further reducing air resistance, allowing for higher mind-boggling speeds.

Researchers claim that such enclosed tube Maglev systems could see trains reaching speed of upto 1800 miles per hour. But yes, there are also some ambiguity about the feasibility of constructing long vacuum tubes and keeping them pressurized, yet, if scientists and engineers can figure out that, than we may one day be able to cross large distances quicker and more safer than we have ever imagined possible.

Such an advancement in engineering and technology, a world will soon be a technological place completely with an increasing AI (Artificial Intelligence), Engineering, Mechanical and Technology and the combination of these result in such a varied techno innovations, with the development of TALCOS suit, which we popularly called as Iron Man suit, that suit will be so helpful for US (United States) soldiers, who are giving their life at risk to protect their motherland. It will be huge gain for US (United States) soldiers. We can hope to see more of such great innovations to help the world and make it a better place to live in.


Best option APART from Engineering or Medical

  • Animation/VFX: One of the best option to go, who likes animation/VFX in movies or has passion to design characters.

  • Physiotherapist: Who doesn’t want to be called as a Doctor. Well then here you go…

  • Hotel Management: This is could be your career option, if you love cooking or managing hotels and environment of hotels.

  • CA: This is a bit hard and costly fair but once you crack it, a new door will open for you forever.

  • B.Sc in (Any Field) If you want to become an engineer but cannot afford it, no worries, the course in B.Sc like IT, Computer or any other will work and if you do it with all dedication then it can definitely bring a growth in your career.


Best Foods to keep you Warm in Winter

  • Ginger: Ginger is very beneficial to keep you warm and healthy too.

  • Dry Fruits: Dry fruits give you natural warmth.

  • Pulses: There are many pulses which should be included in your diet, which can help you keep warm.

  • Root Vegetables:  These vegetables are rich with vitamins and very healthy and will keep you warm.

  • Saffron: Just add this in your milk and see the wonders.


Communication Technologies

What is “Technology” ?

Technology facilitates communication, it does not communicate on your behalf, somebody has to use that technology to communicate. Communication is a as necessary for us as a water and food without them human being cannot survive. Communication can be in any form like face to face to talking, body gestures and many more ways in which we can communicate. When it comes to technology, it is necessary for us to use that technology to communicate, as every technology which is invented has some purpose and features. Communication technology is something which has a very wide scope of development. Earlier there is to be a communication through letter in that also somebody has to send that letter to respective person to receive it. So, earlier that middle man or we say post man was the technology by which communication is to take place. Similarly, today technology is the mediator for communication to happen. Communication takes place in three ways which are Duplex, Half-Duplex, Full-Duplex. So, Duplex means the communication will be like a broadcast communication like radio or television in which information is sent or broadcasted but no one can reply to that information or broadcast. Second is Half Duplex in this the communication is done one by one like Walkie Talkie in which the person who is sending the message will send first and when the person at the other end receives the message then the receiver can send it’s message. In this no one can communicate instantly at the same time. In Full Duplex one to one communication, one to many, many to many, many to one communication happens. There is no restriction in it. All these three types of communication is important and essential at their respective place. As for radio and television broadcasting, one can’t use half duplex or full duplex or for sending messages through walkie talkie one can’t use duplex and then to talk over mobile or telephone one can’t use duplex or half duplex. Technology is a powerful gift to mankind. Any gift which is given to us needs to be used. That gift will not work on its own, somebody has to use it to make it worth. Similarly, Technology is a gift which is not going to work or communicate on its own, somebody has to use that technology to get it work.

Let’s take an example of GSM.

GSM is a voice communication technology. when we dial a GSM number, it knows how to search for that number. where ever on this earth, under which user cell side that phone is connected, it will search for that phone and create a voice channel, but it will not push voice from your mouth and put it into ears, somebody has to use technology to communicate. In voice communication it is user that uses technology. This is how the communication technology works.

There are 2 parts of technology.

1. Layer 1 (Hardware)

2. Layer 2 (Software/ Logic/ Protocol)

We will discuss about it in our next blog.


How to Save Money !!!

Not only today but may be from the beginning of time, exchange of goods or anything was there in the form of money. But, today money has become the priority for everyone and why not, to run our daily life and to feed our family, we do need money and for that we work so hard each and to fulfill the amenities and facilities from basic to not so important needs. With all those spending we also need to save money for our future and emergency cases. So, how to save money, or else say how can we make our current money into more money spinner for our future.

So, here are the 10 ways in which you can save money and this will definitely help you a lot:

  • Set saving goals: One has to set the target first, where they should spend and where not. Setting your goals is important as it will help you to organize your income which you have to save.
  • Try to generate multiple income source: This may be tough for some as generating a second source of income is not easy as it seems, but, if you are able to it and trust me if you try then definitely you will find something you like to do and make it as a second source and eventually it will become your primary and give more returns to you because, work which you like to do if you start doing it will give you more returns and that is why it may become your primary source.
  • Investment is the key: Investment is big thing because, why do you think that investment is necessary, it is because of the returns it gives to you in future. It is like a seeding a plant and then keep on investing with proper water, fertilizers and in future it will become a big tree and will give you the fruits which you can cherish with all. Similarly, invest of money is also the same, you need to invest money some or the other way in a proper direction so that it can give you big returns in future.
  • Secure your health with med claims: Today we see in our family, one or the other keep on getting ill or hospitalized due to various reasons, so at an emergency, from where you will gather lakhs of rupees in few days, it becomes a huge burden, but with med claims you and your family can get insured and save lakhs of rupees by investing some money in med claims. Kindly remember we should get med claims insured at a very early age so that you don’t have to pay bigger amount to get insured.
  • Control your spending: This can help a lot, we tend to spend lot of money in restaurants, movies, plays and may more things. So, if we try to cut down our expenses then 100% one can save lot of money.
  • Pay yourself: This means, whatever money you earn, pay some of it yourself and start saving money in small amounts which will become huge in numbers someday. You should never touch the money which you save, remember this.
  • Get rid of addictions: Not large but a big portion of your money gets wasted in some or the other kind of addictions, this may lead to loss of health, money, respect everything. So, if you get rid of addictions like smoking, drinking, tobacco or any other thing then it is bound to save your ample of money.
  • Create a money saving account: Create a savings account in bank and start saving your money in form FD or any other way. This may give a boost to your savings.
  • Control your electrical energy: Perhaps, this is the most ignored way of losing your money and your savings too. One can stop the waste of electrical energy by which it will help you also and environment too.
  • Working and keep on improving the above points: This is the most crucial step as if you keep on working and improving the above steps then definitely you can save a lot and will help you in leading a smooth life in future.

 Remember, writing and these steps are easy, but to follow those steps are not that easy, it is same like, you can comment anything on anyone for what they are doing, but doing the same is a tough task for you. So, if you want to save money then start following the above steps and then see the results, you will surely feel the change in your savings.


What is LAN (Local Area Network) ?

Every time we discuss so many topics in networking, but sometimes even a small concept in networking is also a big hurdle for many.So, today I am going to share a small but important topic of networking which is “LAN”.So starting with the simple question “What is a LAN ???”We have heard so many definitions of LAN, but what it is actually???LAN is a logical explanation of how big a network can be called as Local.We generally define LAN, man or wan. But in reality, these terms are made for us just to understand that in what way a bigger network can be termed as local.To define LAN in a simple way it can be defined as,Two or more computers or communicating devices that are in the room, or in a floor, in a building, or in a campus if connected are said to be connected to a LAN.There are some points which need to be clear about LAN (Local Area Network):

1. LAN (Local Area Network) is easy to design and troubleshoot

2. The personal computers in the offices are interconnected via LAN

3. Exchange of information and sharing of resources becomes easy because of LAN

4. For example, we can call a complete campus is connected in a LAN because, that whole campus is going to share and exchange their information through LAN

5. Outside of that campus, no one can access that LAN for its personal, commercial or nay kind of use.

6. Different types of topologies such as Bus, Ring, Star, Tree are used in LAN’s.

7. We’ll see some topologies :

a. Bus Topology:

  • In bus topology at any instant only one computer acts as a master and it is allowed to broadcast and the others are supposed to listen
  • Generally, in bus topology, there is a Talk (Broadcast) and Listen part is there
  • The most popular example of bus topology is Ethernet

b. Ring Topology:

  • It is a Broadcast topology
  • In ring topology each bit propagates on its own without waiting for the rest of the packet
  • An example of Ring topology is IEEE 802.5

8. These were some topologies of LAN

9. There are some LAN components too:

  • Gateway
  • File server
  • LAN cables or communication channels
  • Hubs

LAN possesses various characteristics:

1. LAN should be capable of providing high bandwidth (In data communication bits travel on the wire which is nothing but Bandwidth, Bandwidth is Bits Per Second), high speed, high capacity communication.

2. Owner of Premises is owner of LAN, to connect two devices on LAN, we don’t need lease links(leased links means dedicated speed or bandwidth which is provided by the service provider to run big or large organization but in home small office or campus we don’t need these lease links) from service provider.

3. The cost of deploying LAN should be cheap, equipment used should be compact& powerful enough in providing high bandwidth, high speed, high capacity communication.

4. The size of your campus is the size of your LAN, largest LAN is campus-wide LAN.


Two Paths of Life

In our life, there is always a situation where we have to choose one path which is either right or wrong and we end up choosing either one which will transform into our decision and will lead to creating our future based on the path we chose.

So, imagine we have taken a decision and chose the path according to our will. But, what is right and what is wrong? How can we decide that and are we sure that the path we chose is a right path? Let us see.

Always remember, while making decisions, you have to think on each and every aspect of the situation. What we do is, we take the decision as per our convenience which is sometimes seems to be beneficial but in the coming due course of time it takes a drastic turn in our life and gives the real picture of our life. Why this happens, this happen because of the decision which we have taken came out of selfishness. Decision which is taken to choose the path of our life, if it is taken out of our own personal need then that decision is always goes to a wrong path. Now, many of you may think that, every decision in life are taken for our better future and to secure our life, so what is wrong in being selfish about our future and securing it. Then, yes, there is nothing wrong in it. But, look at your life now, even after taking so many decisions for yourself, trying to secure your future, are you happy with where you are today? Are you satisfied? If yes, then good and if not then definitely that decision of choosing the path was came out of your selfishness and you are not happy because your heart is empty after taking or choosing that path and that path which you chose at that moment was seemed to be beneficial only for that moment.

So, how to choose the right way? While choosing the path, just remember the path which you are choosing is coming out of confidence or fear, it’s coming out of selflessness or selfishness, its coming out of, to full fill your own need or to help others, society and then to yourself. You will get your path immediately. After choosing the path, if you are heart is filled with fear and in a little corner of your heart dose not fill good then that path is not in a right way and if in a little corner of your heart there is light of selflessness and hope then there you go, you are in a right way.

After all this we can say that the two path which we are seeing are right way and wrong way but in a different sense if we see then those paths are “RIGHT WAY and EASY WAY” path cannot be wrong and decisions cannot be wrong they are just the easy way, because wrong path is always easy to choose and to choose the right path we need courage. So, there are only two path of life that is right way and easy way.

 To conclude the part, we can say easy path or the short cut way, may give you the initial happiness which is just the illusion of success but the real success and happiness you will get only from choosing the right path, which requires lot of courage and selfless nature of our self to get on that path and then we can walk with confidence on that path, face the challenges, triumph over all odds and then lead a happy life.


How To Give Life To Your Dreams ?

Let me start with this, there is nothing in this world which you cannot achieve. To reach somewhere better, you have to struggle and loose the comfort and get on with the real challenges. Dream is such a wonderful gift to us, by which we can imagine the unimaginable and make it into a reality. This is called Life to a Dream. Dreaming about becoming big is easy but to make it into a reality is even indurate.

Today, there are lot of entrepreneurs who are struggling for their success in this world, but why everyone is not getting their due, as everyone is working hard to achieve their goal. So, what is the reason for their failure and why don’t they get their due, in this you should also remember that failure is a part of our journey, failure teaches us to be strong, to get ready for more dreadful challenges to come on our way. Coming back to our point what is the reason for not getting due to your hard work and the answer is… ‘your hard work’. Confused! Whenever you work on something, you are very much into it, so where do you go wrong? It’s the ‘direction’, if you don’t give a direction to your work, no matter how much you strive, you won’t reach your destination. Like for example, when you want to reach to an address which you don’t know, so you take help of a google map to give you the proper direction, so that you can reach to your destination on time and won’t get lost. Similarly, when you are striving hard for something, you need a direction in your life for the same, and that direction can be achieved from someone you trust or you can yourself take time and analyze the things, then start implementing the same. You have to find google map in your life to give you a proper direction.

Always remember, success just doesn’t come from working hard, you need to be smart in your approach. Your success should always be sandwich of three layers, namely: hard work, honesty, smartness. These three qualities need to be developed, which can only happen if you are passionate about something you dream about. So, why these three qualities need to be developed? Hard work gives you strength to face the more difficult challenges, which will keep your brain always in working mode and will not make it rust and will also develop you as a person because, hard work always makes you stronger from inside. Honesty is the key for every success you achieve, as honesty is everything in your journey, your honesty should lie with your work, colleagues, team, people around you and most importantly to your approach. When you are honest with all of them, only then you will be able to take a step ahead in your journey of becoming big. Smartness is required so that your logic and direction is clear and how you can save much of your time from getting wasted in the things where you don’t have to focus on.

Above all, these are the 5R’s(Rules) which you have to inherit in your life. Remember ‘inherit’ and not ‘develop’ as inherit means you have to surround your life with those rules and try to adapt them and develop means you have to grow those qualities in you. Which were hard work, honesty and smartness.

So, these are the 5R’s(Rules) which you need to inherit:

  • Forget your comfort: As discussed again and again, you need to forget about your comfort and get out of that zone to achieve something big
  • Balance your time: You need to manage the time for yourself and your family, as you cannot ignore them and family is the strongest support you will ever get
  • Sacrificing: Sacrificing comes in various forms like career or your position or living your comfort and at that time you need to decide what to sacrifice and what to not
  • Focus: This is a must because, if you are not focused on your goal then you cannot even put your first step
  • Planning: If everything goes well then start planning, give direction to your dream and give a life to it

 So, to conclude the part, if we inherit the above rules and develop the qualities then definitely we can give ‘Life to a Dream’.



This is perhaps the most beautiful relationship in this world. No one in this world can live without a friend. Every living being in this universe has a friend in whatever manner they want. Some people has a friend in their mother, some in father, some in brother or a stranger you meet at some point in your life, some have a friend in the materialistic things like their home equipment’s and the most famous some have their friends in the books. As the quote says “books are our best friends”. Basically everyone has a friend in some or the other form. So, let us understand what does this “friends” mean? Why it is important in our life? Does it involve any expectations? Who is our real friend? Can friends turn foe? There are tons of questions, which in friendship we have to face? Haven’t you faced such dilemma in your friendship. But, it does not mean that friendship has such challenges and we have to always tackle them because as I said it is the most beautiful relationship you will ever have. Why? Let us see.

Being friend with someone is the precious gift in our life. Remember, when you are with your friend, you forget your problems, your stress, your issues. When you are with them, it seems that it is the only quality time which you are living and spending, because the time you spend is like you are trading for something, when you live with that time and moment then it is like you are giving life to your life.

Sometimes, it happens that there may be some misunderstanding between friends and that is the moment when you feel empty from inside. That emptiness is not because there is a misunderstanding between you all, it is because the person on whom you trust is not with you when you need them and that is what kills you from inside, which makes you feel empty.

You can ask this question to yourself, don’t you have any expectations from your friend, if yes then there is no friendship bond left anymore in it because friendship doesn’t come with any expectations, it is the feeling of selflessness where one can trust with their lives.

 So, to conclude the part, you cannot find the true friendship, it automatically comes to you because, the way your character is, the same kind of friend you will get in your life and will go long, others come and go from your lives.


How & Why Decisions Impact Our Life ?

In a life, everyone has to take some or the other decisions. Most of the decisions are taken for the beneficial of our future, without even knowing that the future is just an imagination. But still, one has to take the decisions in life, as it is part of our journey.

Every decision we make today, leaves its impact not only on our self but to on our family, friends and society too. Decisions always leaves its impact, what will be the repercussions of it, that we cannot predict but it will have some impact. So, in what way decisions should be taken? Almost every decision we make, we make it out of fear, fear of thinking about future and its impact. Mind filled with fear is always in an unstable position to make any decisions. Imagine, can you do drink water while running or eat food while running…NO! So, how can it be possible for a mind running with fear to take a correct decision. A stable mind is always filled with confidence and its decisions are always beneficial not only for self but for society too and the person who takes the decision out of fear is not only threat to the society but that person itself is a threat.

Why does this ‘decision’ is having such an impact on everyone? Decision can make or break the entire functioning system. One small mistake in a decision may lead to everlasting conflict or one small correct decision may lead to successful destiny forever.

How to take the correct decision? To make the correct decision, one has to follow the these 5R’s (Rules).

  • Understand the scenario: one has to understand the scenario in which the problem occurred
  • Listen to every aspect of the scene: listening to every aspect of the scenario which is important, as it will give you an idea about the situation of two sides
  • Analyzing the two sides: As every decision is based on either way that is right or wrong, one has to analyze the same before making the decision on which way to go for
  • Decision is out of desire or not: one should always remember that the decision which you are about to take, is coming out of your personal desire or from the purity of your heart because most the decision we take is always out of fear and fear comes from the unwanted desire
  • Responsibility of the decision: Once the decision is taken then one should be ready for its repercussions and should take the sole responsibility of it weather it is good or bad

If we are ready to take the responsibility of the same, then undoubtedly our decision will come from the purity of the heart.

In today’s scenario we see that, it is almost impossible for everyone to take the decision of the right path, people are unable to take the right decision which leads to all kinds of struggles and problems for their future, because we know, “whatever we sow, so shall we ripe”, if we sow the seed of desire with all kinds of negativity, then we should not accept it to give the syrup fruit. Today, whatever decision we take it comes out of desire, everyone has the right to desire, but there is a thin line between the desire and decision and that is selflessness. If you take the decision with desire of selfless then your decision will never go wrong because, selfless desire always hurts at the start but will be beneficial for all the society in the near future.

 So to conclude the part, we must remember that selfless decision will hurt at the start and may hurt to a lot of people around you because strong decisions doesn’t make people happy but the coming impact will be very much in a place of heartland.